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We are a leading Manufacturer and Suppliers of Security Uniforms, Cotton and Poly Security Uniform, Corporate Security Uniform, Security Guards Shirt, Corporate Security Uniform For Men, Logo Printed Security Uniforms, Security Uniform Dress, Security Uniform Shirts, Security Guard Uniform, Uniform of Security Guard, Men Security Pants, Security wear Uniform, Security Clothing , Security Dress Uniform, Security Uniform for women, Security Uniform for Gents, Hospital Security Uniform, Company Security Uniform, Uniform For Security, Men Security Uniform, Different Types of Security Uniform, Embroidery Security Uniform, Uniform of Security Guard, Security Uniform Manufactures, Security Uniform Suppliers, Customized Security Uniforms, Personalized Logo Printed Security Uniforms and security accessories, Personalized Security Uniforms from Pune, Maharashtra India.

Security Accessories - Pinakin GarmentsUniforms is done with upmost sincerity & care with focus on zero defect rate. Stitch Loops on our Uniforms is smaller in size on purpose to prevent possibility of damage to them during hand wash. To provide maximum strength to stitching we entail loop stitching. Our Uniforms can be Hand Washed or Machine Washed. Additionally, Our Uniforms can be altered locally at any Tailor Shop near you for Perfect Fit.

Shirt : 40% Cotton 60% Polyester. Trousers: 100% Genuine Premium 2/18 Mattie Cloth.

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