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An important point to note is that auto mechanics and other people working in the automotive industry have understood the importance of durable and comfortable clothing. Unlike other industries like healthcare, the automotive industry has to deal with specific needs and hazards. This needs special attention otherwise dangers can strike you. Grease, corrosive fluids, oils, sharp objects, chemicals, etc are all things a mechanic must content with on or under a vehicle. In auto repair and maintenance shops, workers have to deal with burns from molten metal and issues like inhaling harmful paint fumes. So, the workers need the right automotive work-wear and safety gear. There are many positions in this industry like Sales people, Managers, Auto Mechanics, Technicians, and many more. Each type of service demands a unique industrial uniform as it will help customers or clients to identify the staff easily and seek services. The owners should introduce different types of a Work uniforms or Staff uniforms to categorize each department and show the professional side.

Our workwear collection is a safe and professional workwear solution for all professionals in the automotive and engineering industry. This collection offers a variety of workwear options for different tasks in autoshops and engineering companies and appropriate uniforms for both light and heavy industry duties.

Our WorkerPro garments are suitable for many different tasks in body shops, die-maintenance, die casting, stamping, and paint shops. Our workwear solutions also cover other kind of heat and flame protected workwear and uniforms, for example for welding. Our ESD protected workwear are suitable for handling of sensitive electronics, electronics assembly and electronics production.

We will help you find the right kind of protective clothing for different tasks in your company. Our workwear collection for automotive and engineering industry covers a variety of options for trousers and pants, jackets, shirts, overalls, and many other garments that can be easily combined for the perfect workwear solution for your needs.

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